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  • 1998 Dato Magradze’s biography was includes in Cambridge Biographical dictionary.
  • 2005, Dato Magradze was awarded with Georgian state prize for the book “Salve”. As well as with the prize “Golden Wing” awarded from journalists international foundation.
  • 2008, Lugano,”Universum” Dato Magradze’s book “Salve” won the acclaim of many countries of Europe. Pope S.S. Benedict XVI awarded his collection of poems, “Salve” with the  International medal “Europe” for literature.
  • 2009, Academy of culture of Verona awarded Dato Magradze with Anton Mazreku (Albanese poet) International Medal, for the fight of freedom of speech and for his works as a publicist.
  • 2009, Duca Di Parma Piacenza Carlo Ugo Di Borbone awarded Dato Magradze with Title of Cavalier, (Belgian Royal House).
  • From 2009 Dato Magradze is a member of Academy of American poets.
  • In 2011 “Universum” – Swiss international society of Culture awarded Dato Magradze with a title of Cultural Ambassador and Honorable Academician.
  • 2013 March 22, Italy, Verona member of world academy of poetry – „Diploma de’onore Academia Mondiale della Poesia“.
  • March 2014, Dato Magradze was awarded with Italian State Prize “Anasilaus”.
  • May 2016, International Academy of Modern Art awarded Dato Magradze with Giacomo Leopardi First Prize and Gold Medal.
  • December 2017, Dato Magradze was awarded with Salvatore Quasimodo International Prize for the contribution in literature.
  • December 2017, President of the Italian Republic awarded Dato Magradze with the State Prize “Ordine della Stella”.
  • March 2019, Dante Alighieri Society (Rome) awarded Dato Magradze with the Gold Medal.
  • Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University nominated Dato Magradze on Nobel Prize 2018-2019.
  • October 2020, Dato Magradze was awarded with first prize: Silver Wyvern (Drago d’argento), by Unesco International Council for Film and Television, at the XX Poetry on the Lake International Celebration, in Orta San Giulio, Italy.
  • In 2023, the Cervantes Institute in Madrid awarded Dato Magradze a medal of recognition